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2016 Correspondence and Information for Members:

  • NZACAP Annual General Meeting 2016
  1. 2016 Financiial Annual Report- Click Here
  2. President's Report- Click Here
  3. Secretary's Report- Click Here
  4. Treasurer's Report- Click Here
  5. Membership Convenor's Report- Click Here


 2015 Correspondence and Information for Members:

  • Correspondence to PBANZ.  Click Here   Response.  Click Here
  • PBANZ Limitations to Interim Psychotherapist Scope of Practice (IPSP)   Click Here
  • NZACAP Response to Closure of Relationship Services. And Response from Anne Tolley. Click Here
  • External Advisory Panel for the Modernisation of Child, Youth and Family - an invitation to NZACAP to contribute.
  • Information about historic Auckland training by Carol Shinkfield -prepared for the External Advisory Panel for the Modernisation of Child, Youth and Family Click Here
  • Feedback from ACC Meeting November 2015. Click Here


Articles, Books, Resources of Interest:

Research and Articles of Interest for working with Children:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy and short-term psychoanalytical psychotherapy versus a brief psychosocial intervention in adolescents with unipolar major depressive disorder (IMPACT); a multicentre, pragmatic, observer-blind, randomised controlled superiority trial by, Ian M Goodyer, Shirley Reynolds, Barbara Barrett, Sarah Byford, Bernadka Dubicka, Jonathan Hill, Fiona Holland, Raphael Kelvin, Nick Midgley, Chris Roberts, Rob Senior, Mary Target, Barry Widmer, Paul Wilkinson, Peter Fonagy, 2016. Click Here
  • Evidence Base for Psychotherapy by Dr Peter Slater, 2016. Click Here
  • Child-Created Metaphors in Play Therapy- Ken Schwartzenberger, 2005. Click Here.
  • Attachment, Social Cognition and PTSD Symptoms in a traumatised, urban population:evidence for the mediating role of Object Relations. Click Here.
  • National Scientific Council on the Developing Child- Supportive Relationships and Active Skill-Building Strenghten the Foundations of Resilience. Click Here
  • National Scientific Council on the Developing Child- The Science of Neglect. Click Here.
  • FASD- Strategies not Solutions- Amazing Resource for families. Click Here.
  • School-Aged Children With Higher Reflective Functioning Exhibit Lower Cardiovascular Reactivity- Fonagy et al. Click Here.

Research regarding effectiveness of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy:

  • Updated Literature review April 2017.- Click Here
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents; A meta-analysis of short-term psychodynamic models.  Click Here
  • Randomised research design demonstrating the effectiveness of long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy on Adult Depression.  Click Here
  • Is Child Psychotherapy Effective for children and young people; a summary of the research. Click Here
  • Childhood depression- a place for psychotherapy- an abstract of Judith Trowell's research. Click Here
  • A meta-analytic investigation of therapy modality outcomes for sexualy abused children and adolescents; an exploratory study. Click Here
  • A 2-year follow-up of psychodynamic psychotherapy for internalizing disorders in children. Click Here
  • What is the evidence for evidence-based psychotherapy?- Shedler 2015. Click Here
  • Therapy Wars: The revenge of Freud, by Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian, 07.01.2016. Click Here

Information from NZACAP Conference 2015

  • Record Keeping Issues to consider under the Health Information Privacy Act. Click Here
  • Bion's Thinking on Psychotic and Non-psychotic Functioning Applied to Work with an Adolescent Psychotherapy Group- Dr Peter Slater, 2015 NZACAP Conference, 24th October 2015.  Click Here 
  • Objectivity in Psychoanalytic Judgements- contains the Personal Relatedness Profile Tool as discussed at Conference in the Appendix.  Click Here
  • How Childhood Trauma Could be Mistaken for ADHD:  The Atlantic by Rebecca Ruiz, contributed by Dr Peter Slater, 25th Sept 2015. Click Here.
  • TRADITIONAL MAORI PARENTING : An Historical Review of Literature of Traditional Maori Child Rearing Practices in Pre-European Times. Professor Kuni Jenkins, PhD, Helen Mountain Harte M.A, Te Kahui Mana Ririki. Auckland, New Zealand. May 2011. Click Here
  • Practising Psychoanalytic Theory in the field of Child Sexual Abuse by Katrine Zeuthen et al, from the IPA.  Click Here
  • Supporting parents with mental illness and addiction. A guideline from the Ministry of Health for mental health and addiction services. Posted by Mary Ferguson  15 October 2015 Click Here 


Webinars and Trainings

  • The Applications of Attachment Theory to Psychotherapy

Passing on information about a new online module and discount available. The module is The Applications of Attachment Theory to Psychotherapy. The discount code has been set up, DISARAHURA on all self funded access to the module, giving you all a discount of £110. Full details of this new module can be found at . Posted by Mary Ferguson  27th Sept 2015.


The NZACAP Library:


Library – The Roy and Elisabeth Muir Collection


Liz Muir has gifted to NZACAP the collection of books she and Roy accumulated during the course of their professional working lives. The collection is a wonderful set of important texts in the fields of child and adolescent psychotherapy, psycho-analysis, child development, attachment and family systems, along with journals and a number of biographies and autobiographies. We are very honoured and grateful for their generosity. We have catalogued the collection in an online database at , numbering over 275. The collection will be operated on a high trust model, available free to paid-up and current NZACAP members in New Zealand.


Liz is a Founder member of NZACAP and went on to teach and supervise child psychotherapy students and graduates over many years, until her retirement in 2011. At a national and international level she has advocated for the needs of infants and children, and the importance of the mother’s role in healthy development. Liz has published her work internationally, particularly in relation to Watch, Wait and Wonder.


Roy was instrumental in establishing the first Child and Adolescent psychotherapy training in Dunedin, beginning in 1976. He was responsible for the integrative approach through his own unusual capacity to integrate psychoanalytic, family and group systems thinking. This collection reflects his approach.


Policy and usage 


1. Go to , there you will find the NZACAP book collection donated by Liz and Roy Muir
2. This is a searchable database and can be viewed alphabetically, by author, title or ISBN number.
3. To request a book contact Simon Hall at
4. Send a pre-paid and self-addressed courier bag to Simon, he will give you the address when you contact him
5. There is no fee for this library currently
6. Lending is for 3 weeks, an extension may be granted on request
7. Lost or damaged books will either need to be replaced by the borrower, or borrowers will be invoiced for replacement cost


Many thanks


NZACAP Executive

Links to Key Agencies and Services:

The Psychotherapist Board of Aotearoa New Zealand - CLICK HERE

Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) - CLICK HERE

ACC (including how to access ACC also in relation to sexual abuse) - CLICK HERE

Te Pou (The National Centre for Mental Health Research, Information and Workforce Development).  In particular see their Links and "A Guide to Talking Therapies - Child Psychotherapy"  - CLICK HERE

The Werry Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health - CLICK HERE